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Edwin Flay - Actor, writer, broadcaster. This is my site, detailing my career, aspirations, news, etc. For details of my alter-ego as an internationally renowned escape artist (no, really), please visit www.mrflay.com.

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New Representation and a Short Film

“They’re magicians, your honour. Men who live by dressing up plain and simple truths to shock, to amaze.” – The Prestige, Christopher Nolan. Last week, to mark Refugee Week 2016, a short film was released, in which I have a modest role as a man doing a card trick. It’s called Refugee, and it is┬áreally […]


“I don’t quite know how to take praise. It makes my eye red.” – Topsy-Turvy, Mike Leigh. The Brighton Killers has finished its stint at the Brighton Fringe, a run of sell-out shows (all, er, seven of them) to triumphant reviews: 5* from Remote Goat, 4* from Reviews Hub, 4* from Broadway Baby. Flattering words […]