It’s Alive! Aliiive!

November 19, 2011 | Filed Under General News 

*ahem* The website for Edwin Flay has now gone live. On here I shall be keeping updates of various acting endeavours, experiences, etc., mentioning upcoming appearances and whatnot.

I don’t anticipate that it will be an amazingly traffic-heavy website, but hello to any wanderers who have found themselves here by mistake.


In recent news:

  • I have just written two 3-min short films – The Daily Struggle and The Sun Sets In The West – and I’m hoping to get crew and locations together to shoot them come Spring. I think they’re rather good, but then I would.
  • I have a callback for a new piece of theatre, but the date is not confirmed at present.
  • I need to redraft a feature film that I wrote this summer. Hell, I need to come up with a satisfactory title for the feature film I wrote this summer. At least I wrote it, which I never thought I would manage.
  • I need another audition! I am starting to feel a bit out in the cold. And at present it is very cold.
  • I also need to work out how to stop these paragraphs from double-line spacing.

Anyhoo, welcome! I hope you enjoy.


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