A good week

December 1, 2011 | Filed Under Uncategorized 

There are those weeks when you wonder why you ever made the decision to chase your dreams; weeks when all you see is bills and stress and worry, and feel convinced that you’re going to end up on the streets, or doing exactly the sort of awful grind you gave up to pursue that dream, but this time with the crushing knowledge that your dream was not worth the chase.

Then there are weeks like this.

On Monday, I got asked to do a voice-over (unpaid, of course). I also applied for a role in a short film, and was offered an audition within two hours.

On Tuesday, I had a recall audition for a play called The Shadow Formula, and before it was over, I was offered a part. The first play I’ve auditioned for in eleven years, and I’m playing the lead. I then got invited to a BAFTA advance screening of the new BBC version of The Borrowers, which is largely good – especially Christopher Eccleston, Victoria Wood and Aisling Loftus. I also received an e-mail from talkback Thames who wanted to talk about my escape work.

On Wednesday, I auditioned (ultimately unsuccessfully) for another student short, and was offered guest passes to the Chap Magazine Anarcho-Dandyist Ball this Saturday. I was knocked back for another student film, but am not too fussed about them, as my showreel is solid enough at the moment not to worry about finding more work.

So far today, I have been contacted by a film director who wants to do a film which relates directly to my escape work.

I don’t know what the remainder of the week holds, but I am feeling very positive at the moment. I hope you are all experiencing similar uplifts, or if not, you’re bearing up under the strain. There will always be better times around the corner.


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