December 9, 2011 | Filed Under Uncategorized 

Another day, another audition for another unpaid film. Hey ho. At least this one looks ripe for physical comedy potential, which I’ve wanted to do on film for a while. Didn’t get either of the hit man roles. Not fussed.

So I received my script for this play – The Shadow Formula – two weeks ago. The first read-through is next week. I have yet to read it. I mean, it’s not that urgent – it won’t be on until April! – but I would have expected to be more driven. I read an interview with Gary Oldman yesterday, in which he said that he didn’t really enjoy the script pre-prep, but preferred what happened on the day of shooting. That’s going to be my excuse for the moment. Yeah.

I’ve also got a gig in Utrecht in February, for which I have to buy a plane ticket for myself and for the lovely Honey Wilde, who will be assisting me. I have not yet done this. At this rate, i won’t actually make any money from the escape, having spent it all on travel. This seems to be the shape for all my gigs in the Netherlands, despite their proximity.

This is the career I have always dreamed of, and for which I have put my lifestyle and self-worth on the line; so why can I not get motivated some days? I was supposed to have recorded a voce sample for an audiobook company over a month ago, but life and everything else always gets in the way. I need more discipline. Maybe I will look into learning a martial art – but I’ve got no time to at the moment…


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