End of 2011, start of 2012

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Well, I’ve just reached the end of my first calendar year of acting. In total, I’ve been at it for fifteen months. A timeline:

October 2010: quit my job; audition for, and act in, my first student film; audition for a second, and get offered the lead. ADR on Hugo. Get a close-up in War Horse, still no idea if it survived the edit.
December: Do my second student film; audition successfully for my third.
January 2011: Do the third student film; successfully submit my first taped audition, get the role;  fail my first professional audition.
February: Do my first semi-professional short; Attend a week-long acting workshop. Run out of money.
March: First successful professional audition! An ad. Start freelancing at my old job to earn money.
April: Second successful professional audition! Another ad. From which I am later dropped before it is shot. More student film auditions. ADR on Screwed.
May: Dropped from first professional ad; two more student films.
June: Another professional audition. Called back, but don’t get it.
July: Most recent student film is chosen as best in its year. Work and auditions dry up. Start to write a feature film.
August: publish my showreel; record two voice reels; get professional headshot taken – and promptly grow a moustache, so it looks nothing like me.
September: another ad audition. Turns out they already knew who they wanted before auditions are held – and it’s a friend! Hard not to be a little bitter.
October: Another ad audition Рfor movie director Jared Hess! Callback,  much enthusiasm from Mr Hess, but no job. Back at the BBC for freelancing.
November: more student/amateur films. First one that pays money, turns out to be the worst yet. Audition for my first play in 11 years – and get offered the lead! Small feature in comedy sketch show.
December: so much writing. Helping to rewrite the play; rewriting my film script; writing shorts; making plans for three more feature scripts, three more shorts, and a sketch show.

All in all, despite the knock-backs and the continued obscurity, things are actually really looking up. I’m slowly getting attention, this play could raise my profile significantly with the right amount of publicity and exposure, and the essential pieces I ned to sell myself are coming into place. My magic/cabaret background is helping me stand apart from the crowd, and gives me a lot of unique skills. I’m feeling good about 2012. I hope you are too.


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